Cycling in the City and Suburbs and Development


Cycling has several benefits in addition to the health benefits it awards a person. It also has a significantly positive impact on economic, social, and environmental factors. Roads are becoming more and more congested with the addition of more people to each city. For this reason, cities need to develop plans that centre on walking, cycling, and public transportation to allow for a better flow for the citizens of each city.

Cycling in the City

Cycling is just one mode of transportation that can prove to be very valuable in more congested areas. Sometimes travelling by car can prove to be inefficient, so cycling opens up a new path for people to safely get to their destinations.

Cities like London, for example, are in the planning stages and are aiming for 80 percent or more people commuting to do so with cycling, walking, or public transportation in the city.

Cycling in the Suburbs

However, the suburbs are a different story because this area is more focused on car transportation. So much so that they actually discourage cycling in the outer limits of suburbs which can have a detrimental impact on the community as a whole.

However, cycling is a prevalent mode of transportation when it comes to the more inner-city areas and certain suburbs that have a lower car density.

The Development and Planning

When planning bike paths and considering transportation options for people within the suburbs and other regional towns, cycling should be considered and not discouraged.

By incorporating plans for biking in the spending and development phase, we are actively encouraging more environmental and social benefits as we begin to step away from car driven planning that causes pollution and congestion in areas with rising populations.

Not incorporating cycling as a mode of transportation also means that the city or other areas are lacking an amenity for their citizens. Cycling not only helps them physically and mentally but also provides a much better return when compared to the overall costs involved with the maintenance of a car.

Car-focused areas have quite the impact on an area and how that area functions as can be seen from the congestion and traffic that pollutes the overcrowded streets each day. Having a separated bike path and a more pedestrian based planning process can mean all the difference in the city and suburbs.

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