Benefits of Indoor Cycling – Spinning.


Benefits of Indoor Cycling – Spinning; Bad weather? Want a cycling buddy? Struggling with directions? No matter, there is still a brilliant way to participate in cycling and get fit. Indoor cycling, otherwise known as Spinning, is a great way to keep healthy if you are unable to take a bike outside. But that’s not all the benefits indoor cycling has.

Indoor cycling is a type of exercise where a bike is mounted down so it will stay in place, although the wheels can still spin. It acts similarly to a treadmill, and just like a treadmill, it can be adjusted to mimic uphill or downhill pedalling. There are various types of indoor bikes, some for gym classes and others can be installed in a home or apartment.

Just like outdoor cycling, Spinning is great for both mental and physical health, as cycling at 21km/h for an hour can burn up to 710 calories (according to a Harvard study). However, indoor cycling has some other benefits as well, especially with mental health. There are various classes involving indoor cycling where you and a group of keen cyclists can ride indoors together. This brings out a safe and goal driven community, as many classes have joint goals and work together as a team to achieve the best that they can. These classes are very common at local gyms and are usually ran by an experienced instructor who can guide you to achieve your fitness goals.

If cycling in a class is not your thing, there are installable indoor bikes for houses and apartments. Typically, with a 120cm length and 55cm width, these bikes can easily fit in a smaller house not needing that much space. This way, you can achieve your cycling goals at home and at your own pace too. Cycling at home could also be a great way to train for competition as the bike can be adjusted to mimic tougher rides, or perhaps the weather outside is in no condition for a safe cycle.

There are even ways to ‘cycle around the globe’ just from your home. Using GPS or apps, a virtual reality cycle (VR) can be replicated in any household. Tracking how fast the wheels go, the game can replicate your ride anywhere in the world. There are also VR apps where you can create your own avatar and cycle down a video game style road with cyclists online.

There are many ways to get fit and stay in touch with cycling. From joining classes, training in your own home, or virtually cycling around the globe, Spinning can help keep physically and mentally healthy.

Regardless of cycling indoors or outdoors, being properly equipped with the correct apparel is still important for comfort and for maximizing your workout! There’s nothing to hold you back from your cycling goals!

Happy indoor cycling!