A Word From The Founder

I remember a time when my daily commute would turn to frustration, caught in city traffic looking upon cyclists passing me by with envy and irritation. A fellow workmate convinced me to try cycling to work and after much ridicule and resistance, I finally accepted the challenge to prove both of us wrong. 15 years later I’m still enjoying the challenge and the many benefits that cycling brings.

There is one thing that I didn’t enjoy, is that uncomfortable feeling from wearing ill-fitting jerseys, nicks that weren’t providing support, accessories that didn’t perform and failing when I needed them to work.

Sweat Cycle is about providing those answers. Also, I’m passionate about things that are different, distinct and of quality, my aim is to provide you with quality apparel and accessories that are unique, comfortable and durable for your enjoyment.

Cesar Aiuto


About Us

Here at Sweat Cycle HQ, we have a saying… If you ain’t sweating you’re not pushing hard enough.

We are a bunch of cycle nuts who love sweatin’ in style. We love simple yet engaging sports apparel, designed to give you the comfort and confidence in taking on any course, spin session or just a casual ride with friends! Our goal is to produce distinctive apparel that is unique, individual and stands out from the crowd.

At Sweat Cycle our aim is to bring you high quality performance cycling gear. Our partner, Blackchrome Sports Wear, have been manufacturing some of the best kits since 2002. We are proud to announce our collaboration with Blackchrome to create long-lasting garments that are designed and tested locally in Australia. With high quality materials and assembled using sophisticated manufacturing techniques, our partnership will be your one-way ticket to amazing cycling experiences.

We also stock fantastic brands such as; DeMarchi, Vangard and Gripgrab from Europe and offer a wide range of accessories that will complement your purchase like T-Shirts, Hoodies and hats that are manufactured and printed from the U.S.

We constantly update our catalogue, so you can check out the latest is cycling gear!

The Sweat Cycle crew believe in personalised service, quality and integrity. If you have any questions, queries or concerns, contact us and we’ll try our best to find it, fix it or make it.

Whether you are cruising the Boulevard, bolting down the Epic or spinning it at the gym, sipping single origin or that frothy one at the local, Sweat Cycle have got you covered.